We believe that the hard work of planting a new church is too difficult for any one person. So we are looking for people willing to join us in this season of connecting and building in and around Arlington. A Core Team is an initial group of people who come together to use their God given talents and resources to plant a healthy church. 

Here’s how to begin the process of joining Redeeming Grace

  • Prayerfully ask God where He wants you to be church-wise to best serve Him

  • Begin attending RGC gatherings (Community Groups, Sunday Evening Worship Gatherings)

  • Meet with Leadership to ask questions, discuss being part of RGC, etc.

  • Prayerfully read through the “What it Means to Join Redeeming Grace” write-up (below)

This is not always a linear process; some of you may know immediately that you want to commit to RGC. Others of you will need to be in a community with us a bit before discerning where God wants you. That’s great too. Let us know whatever questions you have in the process, be in community, and make the process a prayerful one.


What it Means to Join Redeeming Grace Core Team

  • You are fairly confident that God is calling you to be a part of this church plant

  • You commit to give generously of your creativity, time, spiritual gifts, and resources in order to establish this church and impact Arlington and Greater Boston for Jesus

  • You are regularly attending and participating in our gatherings and community

  • You commit to serve and support the mission and values of Redeeming Grace even in the messiness and ambiguity of the early stages of a church plant

  • You commit to live as an intentional ambassador of Jesus with non-Christians and grow your relationship with Jesus in the context of our community

  • You commit and desire to invite people to our formal and informal gatherings

  • You commit to pray regularly and persistently for the Town of Arlington/Greater Boston and for the establishment of Redeeming Grace Church